Should I keep pets?

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Should I keep pets?

Pets by simple definition are animals that keeps us company or protect us. Pets could be beneficial or detrimental depending on how we look at it. Walking a dog for instance can help to exercise the muscles of the body, however, getting injuries from tripping over a dog is definitely not a healthy living. Therefore, keeping pets is a personal thing, as both benefits and Risks be thought through. In addition, the health of the pets also need to be put into consideration. Sharing a pack of chocolate with your dog could be fatal. Also, the choice of pets is dependent on one's locality, as what is seen as pet in one country may be different from the other. Generally, dogs and cats are seen as pets and may not be a bad idea to have one regardless of your region. However, keeping animals like snakes as pet in Nigeria may not be a welcome idea. I'm sure many will agree with me on this.