Environmental sanitation: Whose responsibility is it?

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Environmental Sanitation refers to series of activities performed to improve the quality of the environment and likewise reduce the spread of diseases. Environmental experts may have in-depth definitions than what is stated above, however, what is peculiar to most definitions is that environmental sanitation aims to improve living conditions and decrease health problems. How we manage our water, solid waste, industrial waste, air and noise pollution all fall under the canopy of environmental sanitation. With that in mind, whose responsibility is it to keep the environment clean and healthy for habitation?

In the developed societies, there are mechanisms to handle all these areas of environmental sanitation. Supply of water and installations of water treatment plants to make unclean water fit for consumption, waste collection from various neighborhoods, incinerating or dumping the waste in landfills, and adopting laws to curb activities of individuals and firms that impacts the environment negatively are all governmental responsibilities. However, compliance with hygiene, as a way to help keep the environment clean is our responsibility. Using the waste bin is just one of those hygienic practices. We need to caution ourselves and others not to dump refuse in drainage lines. Refuse dumped over time could clog these drainage lines thereby resulting in flood during downpours.

Environmental sanitation is our collective responsibility. We can maintain the best of hygienic practices and also educate others on ways to make the environment safe.

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If our environment is sick, then we are not healthy. 

'Health' they say is 'wealth'

We don't expect the government to help us stay healthy

A student present a seminar recently on - the fate of Tropical rain forest in Nigeria in the nearest future. He recommended that there should private body (NGO) who will take it upon themselves to sensitize people on the 'impact/effect of endangering the lives of greens around them without cause'

We must make it a priority to keep an healthy environ; live it, preach it, act it - the place of the government cannot be underemphasised though