Take a Step

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It is highly indisputable that a stagnant water body will be full of dirt on its surface but a moving one is always clean and neat. Life is a place where those who work hard with two-third hours of the day find it more difficult to complete their three square meal, they try to fit every nook and crook of life to be fine but the nature couldn't make it possible.

Each day you wake up from sleep you need to ask yourself what does the future has for me, would I be the change to the world's alarming detriments or the creative ideas in me won't be in anyway useful to the society. Most people sit for the golden chance to come, it is not like so because, good luck comes to those who have prepared for it. The universal problem is over average of the populace are not ready to take a step forward, we need to pursue our target goal in that we can actualize our desire.

The core value of yourself is giving your total attention to what you desire, you need to fuel your desire with passion, if so you must take a step. I could remember vividly my senior secondary school days, there was a quiz program on NTA station. It was a weekly program that held every Wednesdays and it was tagged " take a step ". I was fond of watching it because it was so scintillating and educating. The rules are many for the contestants amongst which is "taking a step up if a contestant got the question correctly otherwise remain where you are".

To get what you in life you must not remain where you are, raise your forehead and say " no matter the obstacle I must take a step up " Don't remain idle take a step up and you have the world at your feet.

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