Why tests may be more important than exams

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A lot of students tend to dislike tests and hence, avoid tests like the plaque. They see tests like a punishment from lecturers. I was a victim of this too. Anytime a lecturer said "you're having my test next week", I become so scared and starts wondering why the lecturer hates us that much. Little did I know that the lecturers were only trying to help us.

The funny thing is, even if the lecturer is trying to hurt us, we could still turn it into our favour. Let's do this analysis; if the continuous assessment test in your school is 30% while the exam takes 70% like it is in most schools, all you have to do is work hard to get up to 25 out of 30. And then, even if you don't study too hard for exams, you could still manage to get at least 40 or 50 out of 70 and that makes an A or at least a B! Even if something not too pleasant like an illness comes up during exam, 30 out of 70 could be made and one could at least pass!

Tests should be taken seriously and its interesting to know that the more tests you write for a course, the more chances of getting higher marks in that course. After the divisions those lecturers do, the marks for the aggregate would still be favourable. Another thing tests does is to push you to read. The more tests you do, the more you read and when exams finally come, it's easier to read, looking more like a revision. I wish us all the best!

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