Before you leave the university

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1. Get educated:
Every day, people get the wrong idea of what “education” entails, it’s an age long misconception that I don’t see dying off anytime soon. Getting educated do not just imply that you pass your examinations and graduate with soaring grades, it’s a little deeper, maybe deeper than you might have imagined.
By getting educated, I meant you should learn virtues; things your primary school teachers may have skipped while you must had been struggling to learn why 1+1 was always equals to 2 and your boring old professors thought you must have known.
You can’t tell me you’re a graduate and you cannot connect a laptop to surf the net with a phone’s WiFi-hotspot or you can’t design a simple power point presentation or even give a minute talk on a project you worked on yourself. If you can’t do any of the aforementioned, you’d better learn to and if you’re a graduate already, you should be arrested because you owe the society.

2. Tap into the expertise of your colleagues:
In school, I learned how to use autocad to draw building plans and a little programming as well, I learned to surf the water waves, to drive a car, to use the elevator without having to disgrace myself the first time and how to pronounce words with “SH” and “CH” (my Ekiti people will understand how difficult this is) amongst many other things you won’t learn from reading a handout. All these were taught me by friends, fellow students not lecturers or supervisors. In a nutshell, make sure you learn from your mates, there’s something anyone you meet can teach you.

3. Make long term friends:
Life is not like in the movies, don’t just go about meeting and splitting up with people over the slightest misunderstanding. Make life time friends, friends that will add to your life, people that will support you and that you will go on to cherish throughout your lifetime like you do your family. Don’t forget; no man is an island of himself.

4. Build your self confidence:
After having to stand in front of over a hundred mates to give talks on topics I was assigned, sit in front of a panel of professors to defend my projects and teach my mates during tutorials couple of times and approach my lecturers to discuss or lay complains over bothering issues a couple of times, my self confidence grew higher than my grandma’s blood pressure unlike my secondary school days where I chickened out or fake sickness just to dodge debate competitions I was selected to participate in.
Before you leave college, make sure you build your confidence… like how on earth do you plan on getting a job when you will freeze and get tongue tied once you sit for a job interview?

5. Mingle with like minds:
You must have heard the aged long time saying; birds of same feather flock together. Hhow do you plan on achieving your goals or making your dreams come alive when your friends do not believe in them? In no time, you will soon have doubts in your ideas and soon, they will die off. When you have friends that do not believe in your ideas, they become liability and stumbling blocks to your success. If you dare mistakenly say you plan on becoming Nigeria’s president in future, they’ll start telling you with facts and numbers the probability of you not getting a job once you graduate and how you might just end up with a hand to mouth job till you die and soon you forget about becoming a president and start worrying about designing your CV. Contrarily, when your friends are like minds, you will end up trading ideas and all they’ll always see is possibilities and opportunities plus they will inspire and motivate you to achieving your goals and aspirations. Like me, once my friends haven’t read a story or an article from me like in a month, they’ll start asking questions and even start giving me ideas and sometimes a task to write with attached deadline. Mingle with like minds, people that share same views and ideas as you, you will help each other grow.

6. Know your real friends and know your friends:
Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Your friends are runs girls but you are a virgin? Okay, I believe you.
Know who your friends are, get to peep inside their life so you won’t get very shocked one day when you get to discover something they don’t flaunt about and get to know your real friends, people who would stay with you when your house is on fire and help to put it out not some random people who only come by once the going is good.
Study your friends; learn about their attitudes and behaviors. Sometimes, I used to joke to my friends that if I become a president, I knew whom I would allocate what ministries and portfolios to. I know what each of them can and cannot do. If I wanted to set up a business today, I knew who would be the best option as to partner with depending the type of business though.

7. start building your dream:
When do you plan to start building your dream and make your ideas come alive? when you’re a 90 year old grandpa and all grey headed? When will you then enjoy the fruits of your labor, buy a private jet and finally go watch the world cup live, amongst others of your many fantasies? When you are already 6ft below ground level? Now is the time. This is the time you get to think, to plan and start doing something. This is the time you try and fail and try again.

8. Create a lasting impression:
What would you be remembered for when you leave college? Will you just go off like a thousand others that are never even known for anything till they graduate? Would it be like you just strolled by? Will your mates remember you as that guy whom parents should advice their daughters to beware off or that girl that knew when and where every party would take place? Are you the type no one should trust or have any business to do with?
You should start from now to create a lasting positive impression that will speak in your absence or give out a good report of you when the need be. You never can tell where you will find yourself years from now, maybe the last signature needed to get you that dream contract happens to be that of a long time course mate. Once he knows it’s you, whether he would sign it or toss it aside may just boil down to what impression you left while in college.

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Smiles..... Realizing some of these things I never consider. How many units C/O will these be? I get to enjoy the company of myself so much that I get bored when I stay too much in the midst of friends - I hope I'm not owing the society for that *lol...

Thanks for sharing Kizmartins.

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You welcome but you still owing the society   oo LOL

It's not too late though, you can still apply these wherever you may be, don't isolate yourself... You must have heard; "one tree cannot make a forest"