Managing a healthy relationship and your studies

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It would be a no different case of Satan advising a demon to shun his evil ways if I advise you against being in a relationship while in school as I myself have tread this path. However, the purpose of this article is not to paint in good light the idea of being in a relationship while in school but to put you through the right path and to make you know being in a relationship while in school is not in all its entirety a sort of a sin or a bad idea as our society has so much painted it.

In the no distant past, I had developed a kind of habit of listening to or reading the valedictory speeches of many of our best graduating students year in year out and they had in almost all cases, draw a common picture of how our society view students as pertaining relationship. In their speeches, they would go on to tell you how they achieved their feat by keeping away from the opposite sex all through their days in school thereby painting a picture of you can only be successful by staying off relationships, however we know this is not truthfully the case, I know of a lot of nerds who are not entirely intelligent. In schools, lecturers and older students would tell you to stay off relationship with the sermon of how being in a relationship already signs your failure card, even your parents must have told you too before you resumed the university, but what they all fail to advise you about is the real devil we are to face which is, distraction. Distraction can come in numerous ways not just from relationships, that’s why I see kicking against relationships as putting a square peg in a round hole.

Being in a relationship, is not in all its sense wrong if we look from a different perspective, not to talk less of the companionship, someone to trust and rely on amongst other advantages that comes with it; where the problem lies is losing focus and getting distracted while in one and the kind of people you date and mingle with is a major factor. You don’t expect to have a party party kind of roommate and a boyfriend who barely goes to lectures and still think their negative vibes won’t rub off on you or reflect in your grades. Contrarily, if you mingle with people with same goals, ideas and aspirations as you or even bigger, you sure won’t fall off the right path. Take for instance, you are a mass communication student, love writing and aspire to become an author in future, your best friend works with a writing firm, often give you professional advises and share some books with you during leisure and your girl friend is of same idea and even runs a blog of her own, tell me how you would lose focus or fall of the right path, you will sure end up falling deeper in love with not just your relationship but even more with your studies.

Conclusively, I will say you clear off the poor mindset of the ills of being in a relationship whilst in school and start sorting the type of people you mingle with or person you’re in relationship with. It’s past the time when we look at how beautiful and physically endowed the girls we want to woo are and start focusing on what value they would be to us.

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I love the tune of this write up - there is hidden truth in there. 

I quote- "Being in a relationship, is not in all its sense wrong if we look from a different perspective...' In other words its wrong but not too wrong, right? - its actually a distraction 

Keeping wonderful and healthy friendship is best - #my opinion