Grave miscoceptions about school

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There have been lingering misconceptions which even till now, floats aloof in the minds of and among many youths of today. It is no story that many struggle to get into school not with the main aim of learning and getting educated and vested in their chosen fields but with how their acquired certificate(s) can get them their dream job. No doubt, we go to school and study many years of our life far away from home with the aim of getting a good job to help support our families but where many youths of today get it wrong is when they make this their sole aim, they just swallow in junks as I choose to call it and vomit it all out in case of examinations in bid to pass their exams and just get the certificate and fail to get educated. This is one major cause and a very big part of the reasons why we see half baked graduates, graduates who can hardly make a statement without series of grammatical blunder, and graduates who top their class all through school but cannot apply same brilliance to their work.

Many a time, I had bumped into students arguing about what and what courses had more money and paid handsomely. This had become one new criterion for students when deciding on what course to study.Gone are the days when people choose courses based on their love and passion for them. Nowadays, students choose to study courses they believe will rake in plenty of cash for them. They let their dream of a bright future cloud their minds and end up studying courses they later regret and struggle with throughout their years in the university which sometimes earn them loads of carryovers and trails or worst still an extra year or two. The lucky ones as I choose to call them, somehow pull through successfully with certificates they find difficult to work with, more reasons we see graduates littered in the streets crying about unavailability of jobs. Truth is, many sit at home hoping the managers or owners of big companies would come find them in the comfort of their homes and hand them employment letters like it happens in their dreams and fantasies.

In no little amount, parents and guidance have somehow contributed in these growing misconceptions as they had feed their children and wards with lots of the wrong notions they now nurse from their very tender age. It is an open secret that parents even force their children to study certain courses and fail to notice the damage their actions had cause.

It is high time parents let their kids and wards study in fields they have passion for and will be happy to practice when they get employed, students choose courses they have affinity for and not just courses they feel will earn them more money and study not just to pass examinations but get the knowledge and learn other handwork to support their school certificates, so they can have something to fall back on once their dreams and aspirations doesn’t follow the script as they had written and designed it as many employers these days, do not place much relevance on acquired certificates but the physical skills the supposed job seeker possesses.

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Thanks Nice peiece!

I thought of something related to this recently - I call it 'alternative courses/career'

50% of nigerian students settled for alternative courses given by their institution and maybe alternative institution- they settled for it either because they felt they had no choice or even try a bit but got discouraged. It doesn't even stop there, having settled for an alternative course - an alternative job is waiting for them (that's if they get one)...

That is not even the problem - the issue is getting educated as u have rightly said; internalizing what is been taught in school and able to defend and apply it in their world or where they find themselves.

I believe that every field has treasures in it for those who can see- its all about getting dreams and fitting-in in the field you find yourself. 

Parents cannot leave their wards to make this great decision on their own and of course must not enforce any on them. Infact, parents have major duty here (as teachers may not be interested). They must take their time to watch their Kids closely right from elementary to know their strenghts (capability), weakness and use this that to guide them through knowing fully that environment can also influence the choice of their ward. 

I have few friends in Jss3 (yea! They are my friends). I asked one of them (a female) who swore not to have anything to do with 'science class' why she chose not. Her response was that 'mathematics in higher class is very hard- I can't cope'. Someone must have fed her with that. Presently she is the second best in mathematics in her class of 6 students though. If her parents are not their to guide her choice of career, she might choose out of fear- which is not too good


My point is - ¤the younger ones should be guided ¤ those who have settled for alternative courses should 'get a life' in it ¤ those who are willing and able to change to their desired career should please do. ¤ what is important is- defend not just your certificate but yourself.

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  Don't mind those errors... they must be Typographical error *lol 

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Spot on,You've spoken well.