Combining studies and business

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This is a very common topic and does not need any formal introduction or explanation. Without further ado, I will scratch the leg where it pinches.

Many a times while surfing the net, I had stumble on different web posts which lists types of businesses and business ideas students can take up while in school. I even have come across posts of supposed university aspirants inquiring about businesses they can set up when they eventually get admitted and resume school. It baffles me that many even before they resume their schools, had already lost sight of and concentration in what should have been their primary focus; their studies.

I am in no way against students combining studies with school. What I don’t support is students allowing themselves to be distracted by trivial matters and what I group as secondary factors such as setting up a business while in school.

One matter I want to clear the air on is; not every course studied in the university supports such a situation as combining studies with work or trade. Some courses such as engineering, medicine, law and mathematics amongst many others, have very tight and tedious workload and study hours that you will barely have a spare time to check the time in your wristwatch let alone sit and plan of setting up and running a business while in school. This varies by schools though, as some courses have limited course loads and study hours compared to their counterparts in other schools.

As a student, your primary focus should be your studies and successfully pulling through your school years with a good certificate to show for your hard years of labor.
So friends, before you take a decision that might make or mar your life, ask yourself few questions; does your chosen course leave you with enough free time that can support working or trading while in school? Can you cope with combining business and studies? Ask yourself and think wisely and deeply before you act; only you know what you can and cannot do.

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