After school what's next?

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I’ve asked myself this same question countless of times and each time, I remind myself of my plans and ideas so as not to lose sight of my goals.
Sometime ago, I was very confuse as to what the future held for me or what step I should take when I’m faced with some certain challenges. I resorted to asking my older relatives who had more experiences than I and my peers too and I was left with varying options. In my research, I discovered that some of my peers where still confused as I was and some of my older relatives still nursed regrets of some of their passed decisions.

One thing I noticed about my peers was that they still lived in fantasies; they were yet to come in terms with the realities of our today society as per their ambitions and careers. Each of their replies to my what will you do after school question always in one way or the other was like; “after I graduate, I’ll continue for my National service (NYSC) then go on to take a Masters degree program so that I’ll have upper hands over others in the job market and apply to top companies” … some even had plans of furthering their studies till a doctorate for the sole reason of having a hefty certificate to grab a mystery job.

It’s high time students start coming to terms with the reality that there are no mystery jobs out there waiting for you to come with your masters or doctorate certificate and snatch them. Almost every student in school, the ones aspiring to get into the university and even the fresh graduates and the long time graduates have that same plan of acquiring a big certificate to catch in on some job offers, there’s little or no chance that your plan will pan out as planned except of course you try out something different, except you pull yourself from the crowd, stop dreaming of writing a new CV but instead, try out a different plan, take a different route… a route only a few are traveling.

What’s this secret route?
My friend, the truth is; there’s no secret route. It just have to do with your mindset and your perseverance, skill, ideas, and creativity because you will need all of them in large supplies to try out this venture.

Have you ever wondered how life would be for many Nigerians if there was no NNPC, SHELL, CHEVRON or DANGOTE group of companies? Can you imagine how life would be like in Nigeria if there was no company for you to take those hard earned certificates of yours to? Do you just dream of working as a top official in these companies? What about if you set up your own firm and have your mates and many others come apply for a position in it?
It doesn’t need to be big after all Rome wasn’t built in a day. Look deep in yourself, look around you, what is it that you’re very good at and love doing? What’s that big talent or idea of yours? It can be blogging like I’m doing, you can set up a site like to for whatever purpose you desire, it can be a dry cleaning service, a retail shop on maybe a particular product… no idea is too small or stupid to put to test.
You can start from somewhere, start doing something… you certainly won’t hit the jackpot at a go but with persistency, perseverance, consistency, creativity and confidence in what you’re doing, you will in no distant time be a household name and living in your dreams.

Throw away that mindset of graduating and preparing your CV to take out to different companies to apply for job and start making your own job. Change your mindset, think differently and shape the future of our nation.
See you at the top.

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