How to avoid failure

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   Failure can be define as inability to prepare for a challenge appropriately or an overconfidence and the zeal we have when doing something, that we can not fail in it.

     Though, it's true that failure can only occur either by our making or by some unforeseen circumstances and hatreds by some people.

In light of the above expressions, their is a derived solution to it.

    According to DR.A.O.ISSA(dept. of LIS) who said and I quote:- "The best way to avoid failure is to work work work as if though prayer won't do, and pray pray pray as if though work won't do". What I could derive from the statement above is that; the best way to avoid failure is to work vehemently as if though prayer can not do it, and to pray unstoppably as if work also can not do it.(I.e the combination of work and prayer is what constitute success)

There is a widely saying that "Heaven help those who help themselves".

    Going by the definition, sometimes we are the maker of our own failure in the sense that we always neglect the key steps in our dealings, and the following questions are what we need to ask ourselves.

 Have you ever study the kind of person you are? I doubt it.

Do you even noticed whether you are a daytime reader ( where it's noisy) or night (where it's quiet)?

 Do you have a study group? Not just ordinary friends my brothers/sisters

 Do you always go to night class to read, sleep or play?

 Have you ever gone to those that knows more than you do?

 Do you even have a separate timetable to study?

 Have you ever attended a tutorial or extra moral classes?

 Are you the type that starts their own night class two days to exam? Not compulsory to be in school my friend.

     I believe the above questions touches or affects each and everyone of us in one way or the other, and the best way to conquer these challenges is to have a scheduled plan in order to AVOID FAILURE at the end of the day.

     Also, let's always involve God in all our dealings. In fact, we should put God first in all the activities we engage in and I believe we'll have a cause to Glorify the Creator.

Read positive, Look positive and Think positive.

   Written By: BUHARI HASSAN 

    A.K.A Baalveer

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