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   It's a glearing fact that all of us have been anticipating and looking forward to seeing the new session,  guys will be looking forward to meeting new babes to have a new girlfriends, while ladies will class themselves as Seniors in their respective departments. Before I proceed, I will like to congratulate those of us that will/has emerged as the winner of the CROSSING G.P CONTEXT and at the same time, i will  condole with those that will have to FACE TANKE.

   I will like to quote from the words of advice by one of our lecturers, in person of DR.A.O ISSA(dept. of LIS) who said and I quote:- "You are one of the luckiest students to have gotten admission into this University, please! Don't allow yourself to go out prematurely." 

My brothers & sisters, this is not the end of the road, rather it's the beginning of new dawn

     My question to everyone is that; what have you accomplished in your career? As I always say that not all of us can be a scholar in school, but we can all be scholars in our area of specialization. There is a saying that 'What worth doing is worth doing well'.


Did you now see that you can still make a difference! The major problem facing most of the graduates today is that, it's as if they are unprepared or off prepared for the situations they are likely going to face in their life after school, because I believe the journey of a thousand miles starts somewhere, and we can start planning for the future now.

According to Dr.AKANBI M.L (dept. of LIS) who says that: "Education does not based solely on your result nor certificates you can boast of but what has education impacted in you".

Let's put results aside, what can you offer to the society or what can you give to humanity? But with early and proper planning, I strongly believe we can ease the rigorous demands and searching for job.


    Also, I will like to salute the handsome guys and those beautiful ladies in our faculty, that won't want their legs on the ground. Just be reminded that we are now in the era of 'CHANGE' When their will be lower acquisition rate in those expensive clothes, while "AKUBE" & BEND DOWN SELECT will take over.


   In conclusion, while we are still busy hustling at our various destination, let's not forget the tasks ahead of us and remember that we'll soon return to the battle field of study, that's why we have to fast track our minds to the new session, new beginning and try to open a new page in our career. I pray that all our efforts will be crowned with abundant rewards.

    According to popular advert saying : "offer while stock last"




A.K.A Baalveer

Student,University Of Ilorin

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