February 2016

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Beat your lecturers to their game

In my very first semester in the university, I encountered a stiff and strict lecturer whom before he even resumed for his first class with us, we had already heard a lot of stories and tales of how his course was very tough to pass and how hard he was on student, we even nicknamed him Hitler. No doubt, he was our new nightmare and when news came that he was involved in an accident, we prayed that he shouldn’t survive not because we nursed hate for him but because we were too scared to face him but we eventually did face him.

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Students and Zika Virus

It’s no longer a news about the heavy outbreak of the disease, Zika virus in the world. The virus originated from Latin America and gotten to Cape Verde in Africa. It’s a virus spread by mosquito especially the Aedes aegypti mosquito which according to Biologist, their rates of spread increases with increase in temperature. Any country can be affected by this virus including Nigeria, thus it is advised that we clear mosquitos in our surrounding.