January 2016

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After school what's next?

I’ve asked myself this same question countless of times and each time, I remind myself of my plans and ideas so as not to lose sight of my goals.
Sometime ago, I was very confuse as to what the future held for me or what step I should take when I’m faced with some certain challenges. I resorted to asking my older relatives who had more experiences than I and my peers too and I was left with varying options. In my research, I discovered that some of my peers where still confused as I was and some of my older relatives still nursed regrets of some of their passed decisions.

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Grow your plants without soil

It may sound strange but yes it is possible to grow your plants without the use of soil or liquid medium. The roots of the plant are left dangling in the air - a process referred to as AEROPONICS.

In an aeroponics system, plant cuttings or seeds are suspended mid-air in a growing chamber, as a mist of nutrient-laden water is continuously sprayed on the roots of plants. Aeroponics systems can be used anywhere, where environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can be regulated. Sunlight is the primary light source, with some supplemental lighting.

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Before you leave the university

1. Get educated:
Every day, people get the wrong idea of what “education” entails, it’s an age long misconception that I don’t see dying off anytime soon. Getting educated do not just imply that you pass your examinations and graduate with soaring grades, it’s a little deeper, maybe deeper than you might have imagined.
By getting educated, I meant you should learn virtues; things your primary school teachers may have skipped while you must had been struggling to learn why 1+1 was always equals to 2 and your boring old professors thought you must have known.

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Managing a healthy relationship and your studies

It would be a no different case of Satan advising a demon to shun his evil ways if I advise you against being in a relationship while in school as I myself have tread this path. However, the purpose of this article is not to paint in good light the idea of being in a relationship while in school but to put you through the right path and to make you know being in a relationship while in school is not in all its entirety a sort of a sin or a bad idea as our society has so much painted it.

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Effective studying techniques that can enhance your grades in school

A close friend once queried me as to why he failed an examination and I passed excellently even though we had both studied together for weeks prior to the exam and used the same materials. He wanted to know what extra thing I did but truth is, I didn’t prepare any differently from whatever we both did. I went on to ask him his reading technique and I was a little stunned when he looked at me somehow mused and said he had none, right then, I knew what his problem was.

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Combining studies and business

This is a very common topic and does not need any formal introduction or explanation. Without further ado, I will scratch the leg where it pinches.

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Grave miscoceptions about school

There have been lingering misconceptions which even till now, floats aloof in the minds of and among many youths of today. It is no story that many struggle to get into school not with the main aim of learning and getting educated and vested in their chosen fields but with how their acquired certificate(s) can get them their dream job.