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How to avoid failure





   Failure can be define as inability to prepare for a challenge appropriately or an overconfidence and the zeal we have when doing something, that we can not fail in it.

     Though, it's true that failure can only occur either by our making or by some unforeseen circumstances and hatreds by some people.

In light of the above expressions, their is a derived solution to it.

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   It's a glearing fact that all of us have been anticipating and looking forward to seeing the new session,  guys will be looking forward to meeting new babes to have a new girlfriends, while ladies will class themselves as Seniors in their respective departments. Before I proceed, I will like to congratulate those of us that will/has emerged as the winner of the CROSSING G.P CONTEXT and at the same time, i will  condole with those that will have to FACE TANKE.

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Learn from Zuckerberg

Inspiring Things Mark Zuckerberg Said During His Visit to Lagos. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was at the CoCreation Hub in Yaba, Lagos on Tuesday, August 30, 2016.

The 7th richest person in the world was in Lagos to hold a meeting with some key players in the Nigerian tech world to discuss how Facebook can be improved in Nigeria, and how it can support tech development in Africa. Below are eight inspiring things we learnt during questions and answers session with the billionaire:

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Take a Step


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Why tests may be more important than exams

A lot of students tend to dislike tests and hence, avoid tests like the plaque. They see tests like a punishment from lecturers. I was a victim of this too. Anytime a lecturer said "you're having my test next week", I become so scared and starts wondering why the lecturer hates us that much. Little did I know that the lecturers were only trying to help us.

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Get Inspired


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The difference between brilliance and intelligence

Many wonder why people who appear brilliant in school and top the class in almost all courses may not usually have the capacity to bring about certain changes in their society while some of the average students go about doing really wonderful things. This is what I personally tag "the difference between brilliance and intelligence".

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Beat your lecturers to their game

In my very first semester in the university, I encountered a stiff and strict lecturer whom before he even resumed for his first class with us, we had already heard a lot of stories and tales of how his course was very tough to pass and how hard he was on student, we even nicknamed him Hitler. No doubt, he was our new nightmare and when news came that he was involved in an accident, we prayed that he shouldn’t survive not because we nursed hate for him but because we were too scared to face him but we eventually did face him.

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Students and Zika Virus

It’s no longer a news about the heavy outbreak of the disease, Zika virus in the world. The virus originated from Latin America and gotten to Cape Verde in Africa. It’s a virus spread by mosquito especially the Aedes aegypti mosquito which according to Biologist, their rates of spread increases with increase in temperature. Any country can be affected by this virus including Nigeria, thus it is advised that we clear mosquitos in our surrounding. 

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After school what's next?

I’ve asked myself this same question countless of times and each time, I remind myself of my plans and ideas so as not to lose sight of my goals.
Sometime ago, I was very confuse as to what the future held for me or what step I should take when I’m faced with some certain challenges. I resorted to asking my older relatives who had more experiences than I and my peers too and I was left with varying options. In my research, I discovered that some of my peers where still confused as I was and some of my older relatives still nursed regrets of some of their passed decisions.

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